Hollywood’s secret success formula

Competitive landscape for major streaming players. Source: Yahoo Finance

Hollywood is under threat. The shift to online streaming was only accelerated by empty theaters and halted productions caused by COVID. A surge in at-home consumption poses great opportunities for the streaming industry, as studios and technology firms shift production from movies to series in an effort to monetize on…

The decadence of human value demands a redefinition

They are not the real threat. Source: Bloomberg

Ask around, everyone seems to have learned the hard way of how companies treat their employees, apparently their “most valuable asset”. It is no surprise when we wake up to the realization that all corporate “mission and values” were just marketing tactics. …

Spelling the end of blind faith

“In God we trust, all others must bring data.” — W. Edward Deming

Countries with majority religions. *Australia, Canada and Germany have a “Christian” majority, but no denomination dominates (>50%). Sources: CIA, PRI

US dollar’s imprint “In God We Trust” is perhaps the best American marketing ever created, besides Hollywood. Increasingly religious, 84% of the world might try to follow this model. …

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